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Strong Parents - Strong Children

We all know that being a parent is not always easy.  Everyday life can bring its own challenges that parents have to deal with, and they often feel helpless and in despair about their children’s behaviour and are unsure on the best approach.

It is not uncommon for parents to feel a sense of frustration and are unsure of the best way to resolve certain situations or behaviours.  Often parents feel like they have tried everything and are exhausted by the situation. 


The Strong Parents-Strong Children parents' course can guide you to find alternatives to your parenting style.

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Arguing, and other communication problems with your child can feel like an ongoing situation. It's so easy to get locked into a cycle in which you don't want to 'back down' and insist on having the final say.


One of you has to stop this cycle. As the adult with the most life experience to draw upon, that person is most likely to be you. The Strong Parents-Strong Children parents' course may help you to break the pattern and find a way through to communicating more effectively with your child.

The key to building a positive relationship and sorting out any communication difficulties with your child is to keep the channels of communication open.

As children grow, most will test the limits. When they become older you may need to change or amend your boundaries to reflect different or new behaviours and experiences.

The Strong Parents-Strong Children parents’ course can be seen as a guide to help parents identify and develop alternatives to parenting in order to strengthen their educational and conflict-resolution skills.

The course objectives:

  • Clarification of values and parenting ideas in the family

  • Deepening self-awareness and identity as a parent

  • Strengthening self-confidence to support child development

  • Determination of clear communication - the ability to perceive and express thoughts, feelings and needs

  • Strengthening skills for problem detection and resolution

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The Strong Parents-Strong Children parents' course comes from the German Child Protection Association.  The first courses were offered and tested in Aachen (Germany) in 1985. The course was then implemented across Germany and has been launched in 16 other countries and translated into eight languages.   

What can you expect?

The course consists of a combination of theory, practical exercises, reflection and group discussion. The course is made up of 6 sessions, approximately 3 hours for each session.  The group size is 16-20 participants and is open to all parents from the Waterside location with children of all ages, babies to teenagers.  However, children are not permitted to attend the course with parents. 

The Strong Parents-Strong Children parents' course was translated into English and launched in England in 2018 by Yvonne Sayers.  Yvonne was trained by the author of the course, a member of the German Child Protection Association.  She feels very passionate about the course and the fundamental principle that every child has the right to a non-violent upbringing.

If you would like any further details about the course, or would like to take part on the course in the new year, please contact Yvonne by email or telephone 07392 719513.  Dates and timings for 2023 will be announced once arrangements have been confirmed.  


Please note - if you would like to take part on the course you will need to be in a position to commit to all 6 sessions. All the sessions follow on from one another and therefore this is a requirement for all participants to fully appreciate the benefit of the course.

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