At my first point of contact with Heidi I was in a very bad place and in desperate need of help and guidance.  I was unsure what I wanted out of these sessions or if they would help at all.  Heidi is so very kind and patient.  Just having someone actively listen to you and provide reassurance is invaluable.  Heidi is very genuine, empathetic and compassionate.  She has provided me with some helpful information and wellbeing techniques and has been the calm voice of reason I so desperately needed.  

When I was first referred to your service I was in a terrible place. I had been dropped by other services and I felt alone, upset and felt that I didn’t matter and that I did not want to be here on this planet any more. However with weekly meetings via Teams I was encouraged and coached back from the brink. I was given information of other local services that could help me and this has had a huge impact on my life.  I have received help for several of my problems and my doctor was kept informed of my situation. Without members of your team I simply would not be here. I now have a new found outlook on life and I am much happier than I was when this all started. Thank you

so, so much and keep up the

good work.

Thank you so much for calling me yesterday to talk and listen to me. It was good to talk to you. Sorry I got a little emotional at times on the call.


I also thank you for sending on information so promptly for me to look at. I will definitely look into some of this. Many things you said yesterday struck a chord with me. I guess you may have heard this before, but to a degree, I do feel a bit of a failure at the moment that I alone can’t pull myself out of this current spell due to my own stubbornness & pride and not recognizing I could benefit from support. It’s also not knowing what’s out there or where to turn!!