Pre-diabetes programme

We are in the process of developing an online educational programme for people living with Pre-Diabetes.  The programme will consist of lifestyle interventions to reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes.


The programme will contain 8 modules:


Module 1 - Introduction to Pre-Diabetes

Module 2 - Weight Management & Physical Activity

Module 3 - Healthy Eating & Portion Control

Module 4 - Understanding Food Labels

Module 5 - Stress, Mood & Sleep

Module 6 - Understanding Cholesterol

Module 7 - Understanding Hypertension

Module 8 - Final Session – Keeping a Healthy Lifestyle Going


Pre-diabetes image 2.jpg
Pre-diabetes image.jpg

You will be able to access the programme at a time to suit you and you'll be able to revisit if you feel you need to refresh your knowledge.

The programme will be available online later in the year.

We will let you know when the programme is available to our patients - thank you.