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22.10.2020 - SmokeFree Hampshire @ Tesco Dibden

Shoppers at Tesco Dibden had the opportunity to seek advice and support from Smokefree Hampshire today.

They were able to chat through people’s concerns about quitting, and book further online support to develop a plan.

Seeing the nicotine replacement therapies and chatting informally through about options helps some people make that first positive step to making the decision to stop.

Smokefree Hampshire say “Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but giving up greatly improves your own health as well as the health of those around you. Smoking causes extensive damage to your body and your second hand smoke can also cause problems for everybody else too. Not only does smoking damage your fertility, skin, teeth and energy levels it also makes a huge dent in your finances too!”

If you would like to access your free programme of support please contact

22.10.2020 - SmokeFree Hampshire @ Tesco Dibden
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