Cancer Welfare Calls

A GP will have an average of eight or nine new cancer diagnoses per year and will be looking after 20 to 30 patients with cancer. The increasing number of cancer survivors has led to an increase in the number of people requiring follow-up care, monitoring and management. Therefore primary care has an important role in supporting people to live well with and beyond cancer. 

This aim of the welfare call is to proactively provide patients with the opportunity for a discussion with one of the health coaches to ensure they are aware of the support available from their GP and wider practice team. The intention is to facilitate early and supportive conversations and ensure patients are aware of what help is available.

Our aim is to call patients within 2-3 weeks of diagnosis.

The team will be made aware of any new diagnoses, therefore there is no need to make contact with the team to request this support.

cancer calls image.jpg
Person Checking the Phone