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Terms and conditions

Expectations from both parties

Please read and digest the information on the 'How we can help' page - this will explain what you can expect from the service and the guidelines that the Health and Wellbeing Coaches work towards.


Disclaimer of Liability
The Health and Wellbeing Coaches are not clinicians or psychologists.  The scope of their consultation services does not include treatment or diagnosis of specific illnesses or disorders.  If I, the patient, suspect I may have an ailment or illness that may require medical attention, then it is my responsibility to consult with a licensed clinician immediately. Only a licensed clinician can prescribe drugs.

Any mention of drugs in the course of consultation is only for the purpose of providing a complete
history of drugs that the patient is taking and not for the Health and Wellbeing Coaches to judge the appropriateness of the medication. Any change in prescription or dosage is a decision the patient makes with his or her physician. Rather than dealing with treatment of disease, the Health and Wellbeing Coaches focus on wellness and prevention of illness.

As Health and Wellbeing Coaches, their role is primarily to educate and motivate patients to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet.

By agreeing to these terms, I acknowledge that I understand that the Health and Wellbeing Coaches are not physicians and that I should see a doctor if I think I have a medical condition. The Health and Wellbeing Coaches will not be held liable for failure to diagnose or treat an illness, nor will they be liable for failure to prevent future illness.


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