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Health for All to See

This page is dedicated to educational videos relating to various
aspects of health that you might find interesting.

Health and Disease

In this video we look at how to describe the terms health and disease, the difference between communicable and non-communicable disease, and how diseases can interact.

Immune System (Defences Against Pathogens)

In this video we take a look at our bodies defences against pathogens. Including the physical and chemicals barriers, and our immune system.

Control of Blood Glucose Concentration

Learn how the body controls it's blood glucose concentration using the hormones insulin and glucagon. We'll also see how these two hormones interact in a negative feedback loop.

Function and Structure of the Lungs

Learn how the lungs and alveoli are adapted to carry out gas exchange.

What Is Blood Made of? / What Does Blood Do?

Ever wondered what your blood is made of? Red blood cells, white blood, platelets and plasma! Learn what each of these components does and how we can replace it with artificial blood

The Heart

This video covers the structure and function of the heart, the double circulatory system, the associated blood vessels, pacemaker cells and the coronary arteries.

Exercise & Oxygen Debt

This video covers the effects of exercise on the body, including details about respiration and the oxygen debt.

Is Your Lifestyle Really a Personal Choice? - Lifestyle & Risk Factors

Risk factors are things that increase the chance that a person will develop a certain disease. Lots of these are lifestyle choices that we make everyday. Learn the links you need to know, and how disease can affect society at large.

The menstrual cycle and puberty

Hormones do many things in the body, two very important roles are controlling puberty and the menstrual cycle. Learn how these work and which hormones are involved.


Drugs - Painkillers vs Antibiotics - Relief vs Treatment

Drugs can either relieve symptoms (painkillers) or treat the underlying disease (antibiotics). Learn about the drugs you need to know and how they work - including why antibiotics don't work against viruses.

What Are Bacterial Diseases? - Treatment and Prevention

We cover the bacterial diseases Salmonella and Gonorrhoea. Learn their causes, symptoms and treatments.

Communicable Diseases

Communicable diseases are those that can spread from person to person, because they're caused by pathogens. This video considers what pathogens are, how they cause disease, the different ways they can spread, and how we can reduce that spread.

Why Do We Get Heart Disease and How to Treat It? Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)

Cardiovascular disease encompasses a group of diseases. Explore what each of these are and how we can treat them.

Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes - What is Diabetes and How to Treat It

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes are both caused by problems with insulin. Learn the differences between the two and how we can treat them.


Respiration is the essential process that takes place in all of our cells to release energy from glucose.

Blood vessels

Learn the roles of arteries, capillaries and veins and how they are adapted to those roles; as well how to calculated the rate of blood flow.

Immune System (Defences Against Pathogens)

In this video we take a look at our bodies defences against pathogens. Including the physical and chemicals barriers, and our immune system.


Contraceptives are methods people use to prevent pregnancy. In this video we explore the many hormonal and non-hormonal types and how they work. We also briefly cover how pregnancy starts.


What is IVF? How Does IVF Work and What Are The Risks? IVF Explained

Learn how we can boost fertility using the hormones LH and FSH, with a focus on 'In Vitro Fertilisation' - including how it works and it's pros and cons.


What is Antibiotic Resistance? Why Antibiotic Resistance is a huge issue.

In real world terms, this is one of the most important concepts we cover on this channel Antibiotic resistance is a rising menace across the world, and leading to millions of deaths that could have otherwise been prevented. Learn how it arises and what's causing it!

The Brain

This video covers:

  • What the brain is and what it does

  • The different parts of the brain

  • How we study the brain

  • Why treating the brain is so difficult

How the Eye Works (Part 1) - Structure of the Eye & Iris Reflex

This video covers - The structure (anatomy) of the eye - How the iris reflex works and allows us to respond to changes in light

How the Kidneys Work

This video covers:

The 3 main functions of the kidneys:

  1. removing waste,

  2. regulating levels of ions, and

  3. regulating levels of water - How the kidneys can achieve all of this using filtration and selective reabsorption - How anti-diuretic hormone (ADH) is used to control water levels

Please note: All content, including graphics, audio, text, and links, is for information purposes only. These videos should not be considered a substitute for professional medical care, so if you have further questions or concerns, please consult a medical professional.


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