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Up to 30% of patients develop some form of postoperative complication leading to significant impact on patients, clinical teams and providers.

Having major surgery is like running a marathon, so we need to support patients to prepare for surgery to get the best outcomes.

myOp is a web-based application designed to support and optimise patients ahead of elective surgery.  It contains evidence based prehabilitation interventions with behavioural change techniques to improve physical and mental fitness and optimise nutrition.

myOp can be accessed on any device that connects to the internet with a suitable user interface (screen) to view the app.  If using a smart device, we encourage patients to download the native or android version of the app to provide the optimal user experience.

Optimising nutrition, physical fitness and psychological preparedness have been shown to improve outcomes and reduce complication rates.

On the first time using the app, the users will be presented with a short introductory video, providing an overview of the app.

Users will then be asked to complete a series of validated assessments to ensure that the app is tailored for them.  They will also be asked to set their goals.


Once they have completed these tasks they will be ready to use the app day to day

Two-way video consultations are now available in myOp.  The video appointments can only be scheduled and initiated from the clinician app.

In the video consultation tile, users can view:

  • any scheduled video consultations – appointments can only be scheduled from the clinician app

  • any previous video consultations that are recorded and stored in this tile

If you would like to be registered to have access to the my mhealth app, there is no need to speak to your GP, the Health and Wellbeing team can do this for you.  Please contact the team with the information required - patient’s name, date of birth, NHS number, email address and the app you wish to have access to, e.g. COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease or myOp.

Please note - this service is only available until the 28th March 2024 for new patients to register.

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