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Long-term health conditions &
my mhealth app

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The my mhealth platform provides a digital solution for the 4 most prevalent Long-Term Conditions; COPD, Asthma, Diabetes and Heart Disease. A long-term condition is defined as a condition that cannot at present be cured but can be controlled by medication and other therapies. In England alone, there are 15.4 million people with long-term conditions, and an increasing number of these have multiple conditions.

On average, patients receive 15 minutes with their clinical team per year to help manage their long-term condition.  My mhealth app provides round the clock access to proven medical interventions that reduces impact on healthcare services and improves patients’ symptoms and outcomes.

Patients are provided with a unique and tailored evidence-based digital intervention that's proven to improve health outcomes and reduce health service dependence.


myCOPD is the complete solution for patients suffering from COPD. From perfecting your inhaler technique with the inhaler videos, receiving education from world experts, and a complete online pulmonary rehabilitation class. myCOPD will deliver to you the very best in COPD care.  For further information, visit myCOPD.

The patient dashboard is displayed with an easy to use interface, with tiles split into 5 different colours:

  • The GREEN tiles are to be used almost every day.

  • We recommend the BLUE tiles are used every few weeks.

  • The PINK tiles are educational tiles.

  • The ORANGE tiles are for editing the user’s information.

  • The RED tiles are action tiles such as alert cards or notifications that might have been received.

Globally there are 300 million people with asthma, making it one of the most common long-term conditions. myAsthma provides 24-hour self-management, education and expert advice to patients with adult asthma.

myAsthma brings you the world's first online self-management app helping you to achieve the very best control. Built by asthma experts and patients, myAsthma puts you in control like never before. Suitable for users 12 years of age or older.

myAsthma is the first app to incorporate Symptonet, our AI engine that helps patients to manage their asthma. Symptonet intelligently deliver better outcomes by analysing symptoms. For example, if Symptonet detects a patient is using their rescue inhaler more than expected, they're given further advice on how to manage their symptoms.

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Symptonet powers annual reviews, health checks, sends reminders, understands triggers and tracks symptoms to build a truly personalised care system. Symptonet is a revolution in patient self-management.

For further information, visit myAsthma and myInhaler

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The clinician is able to access the patient profile to:


  • Change medication e.g. swap inhalers 

  • Set individual patient targets 

  • Access patient reports e.g. QOL scores, blood pressure, lung function, glucose trends and more. 

  • Change disease and demographic details 

  • Send a message to the individual patient 

  • Set up an appointment 

  • Conduct an annual review 


Each change made by the clinician in the patient profile within the clinical interface automatically updates the content in the patient app.   

myDiabetes brings you the most comprehensive, user-friendly and intuitive diabetes app available on any device.  Built by diabetes experts myDiabetes puts you in control like never before. The app provides expert education on all aspects of diabetes care and allows you to monitor your blood glucose, HbA1C, and other risk factors to reduce your risk of serious long-term complications.

myDiabetes also brings you closer to your clinician, enhancing and enabling efficient care remotely.  
For further information, visit myDiabetes

myHeart is a comprehensive platform for patients suffering from heart disease, and for those who have undergone recent heart surgery.


The app delivers an individualised self-management and cardiac rehabilitation platform that is customised to your individual condition.


Using this award-winning rehabilitation platform, and the 50 new educational videos, myHeart brings you very best support to help you understand and manage your heart condition.

For further information, visit myHeart

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Each app has been developed with clinical experts in their field to provide you with the knowledge and support to manage your long-term condition.


The apps are evidence-based, CE marked and approved by the NHS.

Comprehensive education, rehabilitation, and self-management for long-term conditions, including Asthma, COPD, Diabetes and Heart Disease. Developed with clinical experts to help you achieve the very best outcomes.

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Up to 30% of patients develop some form of postoperative complication leading to significant impact on patients, clinical teams and providers.

Having major surgery is like running a marathon, so we need to support patients to prepare for surgery to get the best outcomes.

myOp is a web-based application designed to support and optimise patients ahead of elective surgery.  It contains evidence based prehabilitation interventions with behavioural change techniques to improve physical and mental fitness and optimise nutrition.

There are 'target' tiles within the app, where you can see all of your targets that have been set for you, and see if you are meeting them.

You can review these goals with your clinician at each review.

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What are the benefits of using this app for your long-term health condition?


The app provides a complete clinical solution to help you manage your long-term health condition.  To support people to be as independent and healthy as possible, preventing complications, and the need to go into hospital.

Medicine optimisation

Help patients understand how and when to take their medication and improve adherence.



Evidence-based rehabilitation delivered to patients in the comfort of their own home. 



Improve patients understanding and health using personalised and accredited education - empowering them to manage their condition.


Risk factor modification

Reduce the risk of long-term complications, hospital admissions and re-admissions - freeing up health services.



Condition-specific interventions, coping strategies, lifestyle advice and mental wellness pathways give patients more freedom.


Regular assessment

Validated condition-specific assessments at timed intervals that generates personalised advice and automates conventional review processes.


Care planning

Automated and customisable condition-specific care plans - so patients recognise their symptoms and understands how to manage them.


How do I gain access to the my mhealth app to manage my long-term health condition?

Please note - this service is only available until the 28th March 2024 for new patients to register.


If you would like to be registered to have access to the my mhealth app, there is no need to speak to your GP, one of the Health & Wellbeing team can do this for you.  Please contact the team with the information required - patient’s name, date of birth, NHS number, email address and the app you wish to have access to, e.g. COPD, Asthma, Diabetes or Heart Disease.

If the patient does not have an email address, they could use the email address of a family member or other trusted individual, providing they have given them permission to do so.


Please note: that once an email is used, it can only be associated with that single patient, multiple users cannot be under the same email.  It is important to provide a valid email address to gain access to the platform.

Once added to the platform, the patient will automatically receive an email from my mhealth, where they will be asked to click the blue ‘Activate account’ button within the email to get started.


The patient will then set up a password, and can then log in. The patient can use their email address and password to log in on any device. 

For the best experience, the patient should download the my mhealth app from the Google Play or Apple Store. The patient will need to search for my mhealth and download the app on to their smartphone or tablet. Using the app from the app stores enables other functions not available using a web browser such as access to push notifications, and the ability to connect to blue-tooth devices.


If they are using a computer, they can access their login through the following web address – 


On entering the app for the first time, the patient will be asked whether they agree to the terms and conditions and privacy policy, before progressing.


They will then be asked to enter their personal details and medication, before watching a short introductory video. 

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Is the platform MHRA compliant?

Yes. The platform is a class one medical device and is compliant with the applicable MHRA MDR standards. What's more we're CE marked, NICE and NIA compliant and Cyber Essentials certified.

Who can access the platform?

Anyone can access the platform, but they don't sell licenses direct to patients. If you're a patient and want access, please ask your GP.

How secure is patient's data?

Data security and privacy is taken very seriously. With full encryption at rest and in transit, namespace segregation at cluster orchestration level and compliant data erasing. OAuth 2.0 and OpenId connect is used for authentication. Patients can opt in or out of our data sharing agreement and are protected by local data privacy laws.

Will this be a technical challenge?

Not at all. The platform has been designed to be very user friendly and they can provide training, or you can use their free online training portal. If you can use social media or Google, you can use our platform.

If you would like to be registered to have access to the my mhealth app, there is no need to speak to your GP, the Health & Wellbeing team can do this for you.  Please contact the team with the information required - patient’s name, date of birth, NHS number, email address and the app you wish to have access to, i.e. COPD, Asthma, Diabetes, Heart Disease or myOp.

Please note - this service is only available until the 28th March 2024 for new patients to register.


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