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Menopause Pillars of Wellness Workshops in 2024


The journey through menopause can be confusing and challenging if we don’t know how

to navigate our way through it.  


However, once we know the simple lifestyle strategies that we can apply to improve our journey, it can be

an empowering and enlightening experience.

We invite you to join us for the Pillars of Wellness workshops that you can explore to improve your menopause journey. 
See the list of workshops below that will take place in January and February 2024.

16/01 – Mental Wellbeing & Mindset

23/01 – Sleep & Nervous System Regulation

30/01 – Nutrition & Metabolism

06/02 – Movement & Exercise 

20/02 – Pelvic Health & Sexual Health

27/02 – Natural Remedies & Supplements

Tip: Lifestyle medicine is all about self-advocacy and self-empowerment. To ensure that you get the most out of these workshops, please come prepared to take your own notes.  Slides will not be available.


The workshops will be delivered by our Women's Wellness Coach and facilitated by Primary Care Network staff.

Please note - patients from the Waterside location will be sent a text message directly to their mobile phone in December with details of these events and a link for you to book your place - a maximum of one booking per person for each event.  Due to venue capacity, numbers will be restricted - tickets will be available on a 'first come first served' basis.

Ticket sales: will end at 12:00 on the day of the event.

Disclaimer: there is a minimum attendance for these events to run, although we do not expect ticket sales below this, we reserve the right to reschedule or cancel the event.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you for submitting your questions during the initial Menopause Workshops.


As promised, our aim is to create further resources that will support you and other women during their menopausal journey. We have collated your questions into our Menopause FAQ page which will be an ongoing resource that you can refer to.

We hope you find the FAQ useful as it may contain answers to questions you have not yet considered or provide some insight into other aspects of the menopause journey. Please note - some questions were similar in nature, we have merged them where appropriate to avoid repetition, and did our best to ensure that each question was answered.


Menopause FAQs

PCN LOGO 2.png

The Waterside Primary Care Network are offering Menopause                 Clinics at the Hythe War Memorial Hospital.

Any women choosing to trial HRT need to have the opportunity to make an informed choice. The specialist menopause nurse and women's wellness coach information clinics make it possible for each woman to talk through their current understanding of menopause and how this relates to their own personal set of circumstances.  It ensures there are no other health issues that might be underlying and potentially missed and provides time to talk through treatment options bespoke to each person. This initial conversation not only enables every woman to make an informed choice on their treatment but frees up the time of the specialist menopause GP for more focused appointments for those women with complex/specialist cases and ongoing management.

 Menopause Services & Resources available across the Waterside location

  • Menopause Nurse/Women’s Wellness Coach ‘Information Clinic’ – these clinics run at various times throughout the month for ladies with a new presentation of menopause symptoms - please call your GP surgery to be booked into this clinic.  Please note - there may be a wait list due to high demand. 

  • Menopause Specialist GP Clinic – for complex/specialist cases and ongoing management - you must be seen by the Nurse/Women's Wellness Coach at the Information Clinic, or by your usual GP to be referred to this clinic.

  • GP appointment – for all straightforward cases - patients will need to see their GP to be prescribe HRT following their appointment with the Nurse/Women's Wellness Coach. 

  • Menopause workshops – we invite you to join us for the Pillars of Wellness workshops that you can explore to improve your menopause journey - details above. 

  • Menopause FAQ – details above.

  • Menopause Lifestyle Coaching with health coach - link for further details.

Please note - you are advised to see a GP for any other women’s health related issues.

Menopause Support - Read or download the new guidance booklet

Menopause Support has launched a new guidance booklet “Understanding Menopause” to support women to better understand and navigate Menopause.

The booklet is available to download here, the screen reader accessible version is available here


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