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Past Projects

Letters Against Loneliness

During the second lockdown in November 2020 we thought it would be a lovely idea to do something for the older generation within our community.  We were acutely aware that loneliness and isolation had a detrimental effect on both our physical and mental health, and that the second lockdown had led once again to many members of our community feeling cut off from friends and families.


A unique project was launched to help combat isolation and help bridge the generation gap in the Waterside area, joining together letters from local school children to members of the community who may be feeling isolated. 


All of the Infant, Junior and Primary Schools in the Waterside area drew pictures, wrote letters and made cards for local residents in care homes, sheltered housing, Age Concern and groups.  The children were encouraged to think about how different people are affected during this time when being separated from the wider community.


Local schools reported back that the children loved being a part of this project, and that it is important that they feel a sense of community and shared understanding of what different challenges that we all face.


The letters were delivered w/c 23rd November and we received so many words of thanks from the people that received them.

Hypertension Programme 

In 2020 we worked with newly diagnosed hypertensive patients to support them to change their lifestyle to improve and manage their condition.


What did the project entail?

A 7 week virtual education programme covering different topics which are fundamental to hypertension management. 

These topics included, but were not limited to: an introduction to the condition, nutrition approaches, smoking, alcohol, stress, medication management, physical activity and lifestyle choices.

By the end of the course, we hoped individuals would be able to:

  • Have a greater understanding of their condition

  • Identify what factors may influence their blood pressure

  • Feel confident in managing their condition in the future

We also offered one-to-one support for patients following the programme.